Saturday Seminars

Saturday June 10th

8:45-9:45 – Live Love Wag – Barb Prueckel (Sponsored by Wahl)
How to fall in love with grooming all over again, and get wealthy at the same time. Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to better your speed in grooming? Do you want to fulfill your overall happiness in your profession? Barbara Prueckel wants to assist you! In this fun and informative seminar, she will explain how she became one of the most successful, enlightened and happiest groomers in our industry.  Covering everything from pricing, using your time effectively, dealing with difficult clients and a full live demo on a gorgeous dog teaching grooming techniques that will surprise you!

10:00- 10:45 –  Think Your Way Thin – Mike MacKinnon
In this presentation, Mike will show you excess pounds are merely a symptom of deeper issues.  He will also teach you how to properly diagnose- and deal with- anything that might block your progress, so that weight loss will then become possible.  Wanting you to know the secret to not just weight loss, but PERMANENT weight loss, Mike will then show you what you can do to ensure that you never regain the weight you’ve lost.  Ever.  This will be an informative and ground breaking presentation, and you’ll be one of the first to hear these new concepts. Mike is finalizing his book “Losers Who Win,” and you’ll be getting a first look at the ideas contained in it.

11:45- 12:45 – I Love Yorkies! – Barbara Prueckel (Sponsored by Wahl)
The Yorkshire Terrier.  The strong willed, difficult, impossible silky coated and stubborn ‘royalty’ of the toy group. And Barb loves them. This popular breed has been a nemesis of groomers worldwide for ages. In this seminar, she will show you handling techniques for these little contortionists, plus the easiest way to get a proper finish on their difficult coats.  To Barb, they are the most fun breed to groom, as well as the most profitable.  You just must learn the language of “YORKIE”.

1:45 – 3:00 – Oodles of Doodles! – Nadia Bongelli
Are you tired of grooming doodles? Do they frustrate you, take too much time to groom or are they always matted? Do their owners drive you nuts? Realize the potential in this trendy mix breed and learn how to profit from them and even learn to love grooming them. Learn to communicate effectively with owners and educate them on their dog/s needs in a positive way. We will also discuss different types of doodles, doodle coats and haircuts, as well as time saving techniques to ensure that you will profit from grooming these popular dogs.  Doodles of all shapes and sizes are here to stay and its about time we embraced them!

3:15 – 4:30 – Andis Clipper and Blade Maintenance Clinic – Diane Betelak (Sponsored by Andis) 
Bring your Andis clipper, a phillips head and a regular screwdriver to this clinic.  Diane Betelak will show you how to save money by keeping your Andis clippers and blades in tip top shape! She will show you how to change the blade drive assembly and hinge on your clipper and how and when to clean and oil your blades as well as other easy maintenance tricks. In these tough economic times saving money is a must. This class will save you plenty in sharpening and repair costs.